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Let’s start with the basics, the character on the side cross shows the weapon he has and the items he is collecting. If you collect two items that can be joined by pressing a single button you can create a new item, in the section of the guide on items I talk about the possible craft unions, although, yes, there are guides in English that show more clearly the possibilities.2. Know if you are being watchedThe eye appears every time no one is watching you and there you are sure that you can kill without being surprised, but keep in mind that if you take the body to make it disappear someone can see you suddenly.3 Detective modeThis mode helps you to see the traps, the objects that have information, the passages in the stage, the targets to kill, the guards, the police and so on.4. Killer instinct modeYour eyes are filled with energy and indicates that you can use your killer instinct, you will kill everyone in the circle you have created. It recharges as you kill and is recommended to be used in controlled groups.

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Medication reconciliation errors

For those who do not know, as we are going to tell you in this analysis of Two Point Hospital for PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, it is an update of a classic game style that Bullfrog Productions mastered like no one else with Theme Hospital (edited by EA)… but that since the 90s, few have dared to try to emulate. Until now, of course…

The best way to define it is very simple: Two Point Hospital is the best possible successor of Theme Hospital. There, we’ve already said it. But that’s just the way it is. It doesn’t stray too far from the original formula, it touches the right aspects, changes things here and there, and that’s it. If you played Bullfrog’s classic game back in the day, you’ll feel right at home.

The idea behind the game is simple: you have an initial budget, and you have to start up a hospital. Setting up the reception, hiring the receptionist, creating specific rooms (diagnostic room, infirmary…) and starting to attend to patients are just some of the first steps, but they are already a clear sign that here we are going to control everything.

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Denise appears in the Burning Desire mission. CJ saves the girl from a fire, which makes her eternally grateful to him. She has a strong personality, very independent and is quite protective of CJ. As she loves shooting rival gangs and going to Los Santos parties, Denise is an ideal ally and girlfriend for CJ.

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Katie Zhan practices Tai Chi and is a nurse. She’s not hard to romance, but you need to be at least 75% muscular and have high sex appeal. She is one of the most advantageous girlfriends for CJ, as she allows you to keep your weapons and not pay when you are sent to the hospital.

You will meet Millie for the first time in the Key to Her Heart mission. CJ kills Benny and you impersonate him to win Millie. She discovers the robbery plan and asks for a share of the loot for herself. You can either go through with the plan with her or eliminate her. It’s true that you can kill her to accomplish the mission quickly, but then you won’t be able to have her as your girlfriend!

Barbara is a cop who can be a bit controlling, the most among CJ’s girlfriends. Still, she doesn’t mind the player committing some crimes. You can meet her for the first time outside El Quebrados Sheriff’s Station. Although she likes CJ to be fat, it’s not necessary if you have a very high sex appeal.


In this section we will focus on showing you all the console commands and the most important tricks related to them. Remember that using cheats can cause problems and therefore it is usually recommended to disable autosave before you start entering them. It is impossible to anticipate the effect they will have on your game, so be careful what you do.

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Console commands, ironically, cannot be used in the console versions of the game, so keep that in mind. They are only available for the PC versions of the game.ADVERTISING

To display the command console you must press the º button (to the left of the 1 on a standard QWERTY keyboard). You will then be able to type the commands to activate the resulting effects and cheats. Simply type the command and press enter:

What we have here are all the cheats that affect your character: level up, change the values of certain aspects, change race, become invincible, heal yourself… or also other characters present in your game.

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