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Key campaign promises

By ignoring the crucial importance of women workers in the global South to systemic change, we risk maintaining a movement focused on the ideals of Northern activists, which in turn means failing to generate the fundamental solutions needed to effectively combat exploitation.

Following the efforts of workers, suppliers and activists in supplier countries to demand payment for cancelled orders, human rights groups around the world are tracking brands that refuse to pay their workers, joining the demand with the hashtag #PayUp. Due to this collective action, some brands, such as ASOS, H&M and Gap, have agreed to pay for cancelled orders.

In Bangladesh, thousands of workers are gathering to demonstrate and demand their wages.  Myanmar workers have called on several brands, including ZARA, Primark and Mango, to respond to union-busting attacks in their factories. After months of struggle and global pressure, some positive results have been achieved in Myanmar, such as the agreement concluded at the Rui-Ning factory between the union, factory management and Inditex, Zara’s parent company and one of the largest companies in the global fashion industry.

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Gov. Gavin Newsom, center, flanked by Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, left, and interim Senate President Toni Atkins, right, applauds during his first State of the State address on Feb. 12, 2019. Legislative leaders agreed with Newsom on a budget deal. Photo by Rich Pedroncelli, AP Photo.

While the state’s top earners continued to accumulate wealth from a robust stock market, a booming tech sector and rising home values, low-wage Californians suffered job losses, child care cutbacks and a dysfunctional unemployment insurance system. The state’s progressive tax structure allowed Newsom and lawmakers to infuse billions of dollars into social service programs for the needy and middle class, largely from wealthy taxpayers.

“We’re investing that in the unprecedented challenges facing the state, including addressing the needs of people who work hard, play by the rules and barely make ends meet,” Newsom said Friday.

Amlo migrant caravan 2019

My observations were in the country’s second largest city, Leon. My first stop was at a polling station at a school in the indigenous neighborhood of Subtiava, where there are 5,000 people registered to vote.

After registering, the voter would go to one of 13 classrooms to cast his or her ballot. These are called Juntas Receptoras de Votos (JRV). Each one is designated to serve between 380 and 400 voters. Once again, the electoral roll of that JRV was displayed at the door. As voters entered, they gave their names to the three CSE workers, who marked them on the printed copy of the padrón. The CSE would then place the voter on the pages with copies of the cédulas, and have the voter sign under his or her photo. They were then given their ballot and directed to the three voting booths to mark their vote. As can be seen in the photo of the ballot, it was quite simple showing the different parties running for President and Vice President, National Assembly and Central American Parliament. Voters then inserted their folded ballots into the ballot boxes. Then, one of the three CSE members proceeded to mark the voters’ thumbs with indelible ink so that they could not vote twice.

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Examples of campaign promises

Several factors contribute to the increased risk of tobacco use among LGBT youth. The “coming out” process is a risk factor for smoking that is unique to LGBT youth, due to the social stigma – both real and perceived – discrimination and anxiety they experience during the process. And data show that the “coming out” process faced by most LGBT youth can lead to tobacco use and lead to negative health consequences.

Research also indicates that many youth within this group may find a sense of community in LGBT bars and clubs, which sometimes provide environments conducive to tobacco use. In addition, when some LGBT influencers-such as YouTube personalities, social bloggers, and other nationally known figures-openly promote tobacco use, this also establishes tobacco use as a norm within the LGBT community.

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