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NEO: The World Ends With You has four different difficulties you can play on, each of which affects the hardness of the battles. You start the game with only the Normal difficulty unlocked and this is fine for completing the game; there is no real need to change that setting at all. However, … Read more

NEO: The World Ends With You is the sequel to the 2007 Nintendo DS game, The World Ends With You. While NEO has some mechanics and elements that will be familiar to fans of the original, there are a number of new features, such as players being able to control more than one character during battle. There are … Read more

Noise is the term given to enemies in NEO: The World Ends With You, and these enemies can be found and fought using your Scan function and then interacting / tapping their emblems to initiate a battle. The noise icons are red and will chase you when they are nearby, for the most part. There are … Read more

The world ends with you anime

It’s natural to wonder if you should “come out of the closet,” that is, explain to others that you belong to the LGTBQ+ community (lesbian, gay, transgender, transsexual, transgender and queer+, i.e., all those whose sexual orientations and gender identities do not correspond to the dominant norm).

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It’s possible that, upon coming out, you feel a great sense of relief that you can be your real, authentic self. But you’re probably also wondering how your world would change if you came out: How would people react? Would the people you explained it to spread the word to those you’d rather not know? Is it safe to come out?

Coming out during adolescence can be even more complicated because our well-being and care depend on our parents or other adults. Some people who come out live in places where being LGBTQ+ is very well accepted. Because of this, they find it much easier to receive support from friends and family. Each person must consider his or her own situation. It is different in each case.

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Before being sealed, Nagato revealed that he has gone from seeing himself as a god to seeing himself as “the second trilogy,which was deplorable” started by Jiraiya and ended with Naruto. He also regains his great respect for Jiraiya, as he referred to Jiraiya as “the first work, which was perfect” and encouraged Naruto to “become a masterpiece capable of relegating any previous mediocrity to oblivion” by redeeming himself completely.

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Later, he orders two members to detain the Kazekage’s rescue teams for as long as possible in order to successfully complete the sealing of the Ichibi and once completed, he and the other Akatsuki members retreat, leaving Deidara and Sasori alone in the lair.

Elsewhere in the village, the Human Way and the Animal Way attack Inoichi Yamanaka, his daughter Ino and some of Inoichi’s intelligence comrades. The Yamanakas flee along with other ninja. However, the Deva Path found Tsunade, to ask her the location of Naruto. Elsewhere the Naraka Way was challenged and defeated by Konohamaru using the Rasengan. Meanwhile, Inoichi, Ino and Shizune had discovered Pain’s secret, but when they were about to give Tsunade the theory, the Human Way ambushes them and takes Shizune hostage. The Human Way reads her mind, thus discovering where Naruto was and transmits it to the Deva Way, who then murders Shizune by stealing her soul.

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We enter Days Gone and the initial look is, apparently, very good: a good graphic finish enters us by sight from the first moment, a great drawing distance, and landscapes, with Oregon as a reference, that delight us while we drive our motorcycle during the introductory bars of the game. The adventure gradually begins to enter the story and, without going into too many spoilers, we can say that we begin the plot with the fateful event that you have been able to see in the trailers and that will mark almost the entire adventure.

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Sad, I feel sad writing these lines because, reiterating the above, we are going to explain the reasons that have led to Days Gone was not what you would expect. And the feeling of emptiness remains precisely because it is a game that could opt for what I would have wanted. As on other occasions, we play games about which, fulfilling more or fulfilling less, one is able to see the potential they may have, so we feel sad that the studio has not been able to hit the right key.

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