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EDICIÓN Juego del AñoLa edición Juego del Año de The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt reúne el juego base y todo el contenido adicional lanzado hasta la fecha.¡Conviértete en un cazador de monstruos profesional y embárcate en una aventura de proporciones épicas! Tras su lanzamiento, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt se convirtió en un clásico instantáneo, ganando más de 250 premios de Juego del Año. Ahora puedes disfrutar de esta enorme aventura de mundo abierto de más de 100 horas de duración junto con sus dos expansiones argumentales, que suponen 50 horas más de juego. Esta edición incluye todo el contenido adicional: nuevas armas, armaduras, trajes de acompañante, un nuevo modo de juego y misiones secundarias.Juega como un cazador de monstruos de alquilerEntrenado desde la primera infancia y mutado para obtener habilidades, fuerza y reflejos sobrehumanos, los brujos son un contrapeso desconfiado para el mundo infestado de monstruos en el que viven.Sigue la pista del niño de la profecía en un mundo abierto de fantasía moralmente ambiguoConstruido para la aventura sin fin, el enorme mundo abierto de The Witcher establece nuevos estándares en términos de tamaño, profundidad y complejidad.

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Actually, CD Projekt’s work is limited to supervision, because those in charge of the conversion are Saber Interactive, who have just converted for Switch other games like Ghostbusters The Videogame, Call of Cthulhu or Vampyr.

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At this point, it is difficult to talk about The Witcher III Wild Hunt without falling back into clichés, because in its original release it became one of the titles that defined what the current -at that time, young- generation of consoles was capable of. It is a role-playing game with real-time combat set in an open world (the world of sword and sorcery imagined by the writer, also Polish, Andrzej Sapkowski).

Surely the best example of this attention to detail is the mission of the Bloody Baron, which has a huge resemblance to one of the stories of the first book, and we find it exciting for the number of nuances and twists … the same can be said of the Ladies of the forest or the epic battle of Kaer Morhen.

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First of all, the first thing we would like to clarify is that this is the same game that we already enjoyed on other platforms, so do not expect to find any playable improvements or new exclusive content that were not available in the original. However, as its name suggests, it has taken the opportunity to include all its updates and expansions, something that is always appreciated, especially when they are of such high quality and provide dozens of hours of additional adventures.

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One way or another, it is still a magnificent adventure that everyone should try sometime in his life, and this re-release on Switch gives us the perfect excuse to do so, as long as what interests us most is to enjoy its portable capabilities, this being its main advantage over other versions that we can find in the market. As expected, to make this conversion possible have had to make great sacrifices in its technical section, something that is especially noticeable in its resolution, which translates into a much lower image quality and can become too blurry in certain situations.

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All of the games in this offer offer something extra; there are many special editions and Game of the Year bundles with reduced prices on the PlayStation Store. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GOTY edition offers the full experience with all DLC for just £12.99 / $14.99, while the Digital Deluxe edition of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided offers a similar complete package for an absurd £4.89 / $6.29.

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Fallout 4’s season pass is £19.99 / $24.99, The Division 2 expansion is £17.49 / $22.49, and all the Sims 4 downloadable content you could ever need is within reach of your pockets.

As everyone knows the PlayStation Store is Sony’s digital store, which periodically provides a lot of special offers and options for users to buy some games.

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