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Shadow of the Colossus, does not deserve to delve into the resolution, or the frame rate per second, or even in its control. Fumito Ueda painted a moving canvas, from which dozens of influences and nuances emerge.

Not always great kindnesses are told about God, whom so many millions of people revere. Often there is talk of a mad God, a capricious God. In Genesis, verse 22, we can find a clear example of his recklessness. When God orders Abraham to kill his own son under the excuse of testing his faith in him. In the Old Testament, this fact is like this:

We enter the Garden of Eden, where we can extrapolate this passage from Genesis, in Bible. The Forbidden Land in Shadow of the Colossus, in the center of this region is a Shrine of Worship. We arrive on the back of Agro, which carries a body wrapped in a cloak, which Wander, our protagonist, deposits on an altar, which reveals the body of a lady named Momo, after this fact, several shadows in human form are ready to attack Wander who tenaciously defeats his opponents with the ancient magic sword he carries. Suddenly two voices that present themselves as Dormin, a disembodied entity with certain airs of divinity, promises Wander to revive the maiden that is on the altar, if he commits the task of killing sixteen giants with the help of his sword.

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The Fall of the Four Giants |PS4| Gameplay English

As we are going to review in this analysis of The Pathless for PS5, PS4 and PC (I have played it from start to finish in PlayStation 4 version), it is an adventure that reminds you of many others, such as the unforgettable ICO or Shadow of the Colossus, and with flashes that will bring to mind classics like Ocarina of Time… but at the same time, it manages to introduce mechanics, ideas and details so that when playing it we feel that it is something different. And something that is really cool, too.

The story of The Pathless is not particularly deep, and is an excuse to let us loose in his world, and little by little, at our own pace, to discover the game. In the first 10 minutes everything is already on the table: the god killer defeats us and we discover that, to free the world from its threat, we must first free four guardians. But, unlike other adventures, in The Pathless we barely have any help, indicators, a general map to know where to go or signs or guides that tell us what to do. Part of the essence of The Pathless is in discovering and trying.

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World Best Gamers.

The Pathless was one of those games that drew attention when it was presented at The Game Awards in 2018. Perhaps at that time it went a little unnoticed among so many major game announcements, but when it was shown again in one of the Playstation videos is when it began to take relevance. Today it is already on sale for Playstation 4, Playstation 5 and PC through the Epic Games Store.

The game’s plot takes us to a fantastic land where nature abounds and the gods roam freely throughout the territory. A young warrior arrives in the region sensing that something is not right, and indeed when she gets there it is confirmed. A powerful enemy known as the god killer has taken control not only of the island, but has turned the gods into slaves and has orders to attack anyone who dares to get in the way of his work of destroying the world. Therefore, our task is none other than to go through this vast land to free the gods and put an end to the one who intends to sow destruction.

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El clásico de Fumito Ueda sigue siendo un título tan bueno y espectacular como allá por 2006, solo que ahora más bonito si cabe tras el lavado de cara que recibe con su remake. Un título básicamente imprescindible para los usuarios de PS4.

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Shadow of the Colossus sigue siendo la misma aventura cautivadora que definió el género hace trece años, y nos recuerda una vez más que el diseño magistral y la dirección artística bien enfocada nunca envejecen. Pero es el respeto de Bluepoint por estos elementos y las inteligentes decisiones de retocarlos y mejorarlos lo que hace que esta sea la versión más definitiva del clásico del Team Ico que se pueda conseguir.

No se trata de desmerecer los logros de este remake, pero todo es posible porque Shadow of the Colossus de Team Ico es imposiblemente perfecto. Es épico, majestuoso, emotivo, imaginativo e impresionante. Hay tantos adjetivos superlativos que se podrían poner.  La reputación de Shadow of the Colossus es tan grande como algunos de sus colosos más altos. Este remake podría ayudar a algunas personas a ver eso con más claridad.

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