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This situation was already causing tensions between the community and Garena, but the situation has not improved at all. The straw that has broken the camel’s back and ended the community’s patience is the novelty introduced with the new Project cosmetics. With them, they showed off their usual slot system (already part of the brand’s identity) but gave it an even worse twist. The announcement read as follows: “The Project skins WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE in the store for direct purchase until one week after launch. For players who want the skins sooner, they can participate in the new event available on February 28 or purchase the Project Megapackage.”

Basically, the event to which it refers invites us to make spins on a slot machine in exchange for different rewards in a kind of rock-paper-scissors game in which we have to defeat the bosses (which are the champions with project skins) until we finish their life points to add them to our inventory. A harmful mechanic that we have talked about on numerous occasions and that, due to the contract between Riot and Garena, they can hardly limit from the developer. In fact, the developer’s opinion is evident when we see that they did not count on it to distribute Wild Rift.

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XCOM2 League of Legends Direct

The wait is going to be a long one, especially considering the development team they are putting together to make an MMO that could be one of the most important titles of the decade despite the genre not being one of the most popular today.

In fact, fans of games like The Witcher 3, considered one of the best role-playing games in history, may give this future MMO a chance, since the person responsible for the development of the Polish title’s missions will be on the Riot Games team.

Special stunbull research

In AC Odyssey you will eventually be hunting cultists for the main story. Here, we have an Assassin’s Creed Odyssey cultist location guide to help you find them faster. With this, you can get some legendary gear sooner.

One of the first targets you can kill. After getting the information from the cultists’ hideout, she can be found in Nisaia’s Port in Megaris. Kill her and confirm the kill to mark her.

To find Silver Griffin, you must find her clue in the Attika Silver Mine. Make your way through the mine, all the way to the back, and you will find a gold chest. The chest is pretty well hidden if you don’t know where to look. Climb up the wooden scaffolding and above it is a broken wooden bridge hanging down. Climb up there for the chest that has the clue and the Gauntlets of Agamemnon.

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You have to complete the side mission Trouble In Paradise in Mykonos to find this cultist. You will have to choose sides here, but both end up finding the Cultist. Follow the next quest chain and when you complete everything, the cultist will be revealed. He is the leader of the Silver Islands and will die when you complete the quest Hades, meet Podarkes.

The Cyclone on Quests

Ahri, innately connected to the latent power of Runeterra, is a Vastayan who can shape magic into orbs of pure energy. She enjoys manipulating the emotions of her prey before devouring their life essence. Despite her predatory nature, Ahri retains a sense of empathy, as she receives glimpses of the memories of every soul she consumes.[2] She is a true friend of her own.

With a raised eyebrow in the face of danger, Akshan fights evil with dazzling charisma, a righteous desire for vengeance, and a striking lack of shirts. Skilled in the art of stealth combat, he is able to evade his enemies and reappear when they least expect it. With a deep sense of justice and a legendary weapon that defies death, he corrects the injustices committed by Runeterra’s ruffians while abiding by his own moral code: “Don’t be a jerk.”[4]

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Legend has it that Amumu is a lonely and melancholy soul from ancient Shurima who wanders the world in search of a friend. An ancient curse condemned him to remain alone for all eternity. His caresses are death, his affection is ruin. Those who claim to have seen him describe him as a short living corpse wrapped in bandages. Amumu has been the inspiration for myths, songs and folklore that have been told over and over again throughout the generations, so much so that it is impossible to separate truth from fiction.[6] The story of Amumu has been the inspiration for myths, songs and folklore that have been told over and over again throughout the generations, so much so that it is impossible to separate truth from fiction.[6

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