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With all the side quests, shrines, heroic trials and collectibles data detailed and ready for you to discover and complete! Also includes optional challenges, mini-games, unlockables, references and much more.

From the development team and beautifully arranged across two sections: 16 pages of concept art from “The Legendary Trials” and “Ballad of the Chosen” and 16 pages of carefully selected illustrations from the main game.

This online guide gives you the first 100 pages of the official extended guide for free. It includes the Basic Manual chapter, as well as step-by-step visual instructions for zora, gerudo, orni and goron quests, with combat strategies for all divine beasts. You will be able to search for content in them with any device (tablet, mobile or PC).

The legend of zelda: breath of t

Go to guide indexLast November 9, a new update was released for Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which allows us to get a new armor, based on Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the new Japanese role-playing game for Nintendo Switch to be released on December 1.

Following this we are given the clues to three locations, which we will have to visit at night, and look up at the sky to see a red shooting star fall, which leads us to a chest, where we will find a piece of armor.

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Here we will have to go to the Skull Lake, in the northeast of the map, in the Akala region. If you have it unlocked, teleport to the Izukna Shrine in one of the “eyes” of the skull, and look to the east. You will see the star fall, and you will just have to go and open the chest.

Now let’s go to the Hebra Mountain Range, in the northwest of the map, specifically to the Hebra Summit, the highest place in the whole region. Once we get to the top, we will have to look southeast, and we will see the star.

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If you want to get the bike in Zelda The Ballad of the Chosen you will have to complete the entire expansion, so you will not be able to get this bike at the beginning of the adventure. Therefore you have to overcome all the shrines, dungeons and challenges to be able to drive this ancestral bike.

The first of them is the challenge of the Divine Annihilator. To do this you must go to the Shrine of Life and place the Sheikah stone. Now with the Divine Annihilator equipped you will be able to finish off any enemy in one hit, although unfortunately they can also kill you in the same way. You must also keep in mind that after using it twice you must wait for it to charge.

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After finishing the previous challenge we will see that four other locations are enabled on the map. In each of them we will find some monoliths and the Nyel bird that will give us clues about what we should do.

When we overcome the mission/challenge of the bird, a sanctuary will appear that we must also pass to continue advancing. As we finish them we will receive a Medoh symbol that we will use later to go to the Divine Beast for a confrontation with a boss.

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Dentro de la Aldea Hateno, hay una tienda de tintes. Es probable que la encuentres en tus primeras horas de juego de Breath of the Wild, pero si eres como nosotros, no podrás teñir tu armadura o tu ropa porque no habrás reunido lo que necesitas. En esta guía, te diremos lo que necesitas y te ahorraremos algo de tiempo (y confusión).

Para teñir cualquier cosa, necesitas dos cosas (bueno, 25 cosas, técnicamente): 20 rupias y cinco objetos del color que desees para teñir tu ropa y armadura. Las rupias son para pagar los servicios de Sayge y los objetos son para crear el tinte.

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Cada pieza de ropa o armadura que lleves, desde las botas hasta el sombrero, se teñirá del color que elijas. Si no te gusta el look monocromático, hay una forma de mezclar y combinar la paleta de tu armario.

Como todas las prendas que llevas se tiñen, sólo tienes que quitar todo lo que no quieras que cambie de color. Si te gusta el color de tu camisa, quítatela cuando te tiñas los pantalones. Si tienes los pantalones teñidos de tu tono perfecto, pero la camisa no funciona, quítale los pantalones a Link.

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