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Los coches que aparecen en Need for Speed: Heat se pueden comprar por banco. Se desbloquean a medida que los jugadores progresan y aumentan su nivel de Rep al ganar Rep por la noche, y los coches de edición especial se pueden desbloquear con ciertos paquetes de contenido descargable o a través de eventos específicos.

El número de componentes disponibles para un coche se muestra con un índice de personalización. Un número más alto indica una mayor cantidad de componentes y categorías de personalización disponibles, y generalmente denota que la personalización de un coche está limitada por el número de componentes disponibles.

Los coches icono sólo pueden modificar sus llantas, la matrícula, el sistema de sonido, la pintura y el revestimiento, los efectos, la postura y el sonido del escape. Esta limitación se aplica a los coches icónicos únicos, a los coches enfocados a la pista y a los coches de carreras construidos a propósito.

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However, when time passed and the fashion for tuning and bright colors began to fade, Fast & Furious knew how to adapt. Adopting a more sober aesthetic and abandoning high school rebellion in favor of an action proposal with persistent characters. In short, to configure a cinematic universe based on the origins based on the tuning of the 2000s but leaving it aside.

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It is true that the open world of Need for Speed Heat is well configured, has variety and offers an incredible amount of content. The same can be said of the online elements, which greatly extend the life of the game and make it a service to return to daily to complete challenges and all sorts of time-based objectives. But, however well this works, it still lacks a little more courage; the ability to leave fads aside and set up a video game that is immediately recognizable as Need for Speed.

Regardless of how good or bad it is (which we’ll discuss later), Need for Speed Heat is a game that, while it puts the franchise back on the right track, it’s still not entirely clear what it is and what it wants to be. Except for the night races and the chases they involve, Need for Speed Heat limits itself to phagocytize elements from other recent driving works to incorporate them into its recipe. The end result, although fun, is a work that lacks personality; that lacks that Need for Speed stamp that makes it instantly recognizable.

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What if we told you that Need for Speed Heat has a little bit of all that and even a little bit more? Ghost Games, back behind the wheel of the saga after developing Need for Speed: Payback, is back on the road, putting everything it has to its credit to bring us a new title in the series that comes with the intention of breaking with everything; or, at least, trying to do so.

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The action takes place in Palm City, home of three things: speed, cars and sunsets. Before we start, we are given the choice of our avatar among a series of 12, very varied among themselves -6 men and 6 women-, and we start the action. The game presents you with an open city, which we can roam freely, whose extension is divided between different gangs, with competitions between them and, logically, avoiding at all times that we do not get caught by the police. There are races in circuits, following a route of checkpoints, escapes, chases…

But before plunging into his world, there is a brief introduction and the classic choice of vehicle, to choose between three different models. Specifically, in Need for Speed Heat we can choose between these initial models:

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In the new Need For Speed you will have three cars to choose from at the beginning. You can choose the Honda Civic Type-R, the Ford Mustang Foxbody and the Subaru BRZ Premium. The question is, which of these cars should you start with?

Just a quick note, we had some additional parts on our display covers, so Subaru and Honda have a bit more stats than they would start with. What we list in the text is what they start with.

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Here are Subaru’s stats: 0-60 mph 6.59secs, 1/4 mile / mph 15.03 @ 98, top speed 143 mph and horsepower 207. The car costs 27,400 and is the most expensive starter car.

You can also choose a 1990 Mustang if you wish. 0-60 mph 5.69, 1/4 mile / mph 14.23 @ 103, Top speed 144 mph and Horsepower is 259. The car costs 24,000 if you don’t choose it to begin with.

No, obviously, if you have a personal preference, you can go with that. Just based on the stats alone, I have to recommend the Mustang as the best starter car. It doesn’t matter much because you’ll get a new car once you save enough cash anyway.

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