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El Apple Watch Series 6 es alabado como el reloj inteligente más avanzado y repleto de funciones del planeta. Aunque el wearable es precioso por sí mismo, sin duda querrás añadirle toques personales antes de atarlo a tu muñeca.  Además de los numerosos accesorios de terceros y las bonitas correas disponibles para el icónico wearable, el Apple Watch admite una gran cantidad de llamativas esferas de reloj para mejorar su aspecto.

Hoy en día, hay tres modelos de reloj disponibles: el Apple Watch 6 con todas las funciones, el Apple Watch SE y el antiguo Apple Watch 3. Pero lo mejor es que todas las nuevas esferas están disponibles para cualquier Apple Watch activo que ejecute WatchOS 7.

Apple ofrece una variada biblioteca de esferas de reloj, muchas de las cuales están orientadas a situaciones y ocasiones específicas, y las opciones pueden ser abrumadoras. Entonces, ¿cómo encontrarlas, personalizarlas y hacerlas tuyas? Esta es nuestra guía para todo lo relacionado con la esfera del Apple Watch. Una vez que hayas seleccionado las esferas del reloj adecuadas para tu estilo de vida, no te olvides de añadir algunas de las mejores aplicaciones para el Apple Watch para dar otra capa de funcionalidad a tu smartwatch.

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The smartwatch market is in very good health, having grown by 20% year-on-year, despite the coronavirus pandemic. The best-selling model has been the Apple Watch 5, the predecessor of the one presented today by the technology company. Here you will find everything that is known so far about the new devices of the brand: features, prices and release dates.

One of the main new features of the Watch 6 is that it will measure blood oxygen saturation in just 15 seconds. The sensor that will calculate this parameter has 4 green, red and infrared LEDs that measure the light reflected in the veins and, subsequently, an algorithm processes the result.

The stainless steel models can go in what the firm calls graphite color (i.e. between dark gray and black) and yellow gold.  In addition, the AppleWatch Edition is available in natural titanium and space black.

The Watch SE includes the most important specifications of any smartwatch, such as monitoring of physical activity, health variables or notifications. What this model does not bring is the measurement of blood oxygen level, the most talked-about feature of the 6 series.

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The Watch 7 is a great device for those who want to improve their fitness and mental state. It offers a lot of tracking options, and the meditation options are positive.Don’t buy it if…You’re into fitness.

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While we like playing with Fitness+, if you’re looking for structured workouts that help you really progress, the Watch 7 isn’t for you. There are decent third-party apps out there, but you’ll be better off with a dedicated fitness watch.  You don’t like daily charging

While the Watch 7 doesn’t need a daily charge, it does need a recharge fairly soon the next day. Other smartwatches offer several days of use before needing a recharge. Apple is lagging behind in this regard.

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The brand’s unique identifier for a product. Multiple product codes can be mapped to one mother product code if the specifications are identical. We map away wrong codes or sometimes logistic variants.

Because it goes everywhere with you, Apple Watch can do things that would be impossible for other devices. It’s your personal trainer, measures your daily activity, tells you about your health when you need it, and keeps you in touch with everything you care about. You won’t want to be separated from it.

Activity rings are the best way to know how much you move every day and reach your goals by closing them every day. You’ve got rewards, personalized workouts and Activity competitions to combat laziness and make it more fun.

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This watch is ready for anything. Whether your thing is running, cycling or giving it your all in high-intensity interval sessions, Apple Watch keeps up with you and records your activity with detailed data.

A very high or very low heart rate and irregular rhythm (arrhythmia) can be indicators of a serious condition. Many people don’t recognize the symptoms, so the causes often go unrecognized. The notifications in the Heart Rate app alert you to these abnormalities so you can discuss them with your doctor.

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