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Individual or group English courses in your company. Coaching on how to achieve your goals and improve your language level. Improve both your fluency and your ability to express yourself. Selected staff of native teachers guaranteeing your success.MORE INFORMATION

We offer you the service of Management and Organization of the subsidies, so that the costs associated with the English courses offered by ENGLISH COACHING can be subsidized up to 100% through the Fundacion Tripartita.

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Start now your new stage by taking the level test, listening to our podcast, watching the video lessons or directly starting a guided course. If you are reading this it means that you are already closer to achieving your transformation.  Say out loud now: Yes I can!

English is a tool that is essential nowadays, in my case taking job opportunities demanded it more than ever. The most fun and enjoyable thing for me was meeting new people, having activities like an international Kahoot. My teacher is a super nice and pleasant person, always ready to make you feel comfortable and always willing to help you. I consider that her platform has a very good methodology.

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The contents of this course are really amazing . About my teacher, I just want to say that she is the kind of person that really knows how to do her job. I knew for the first time that she is completely involved with her students.

You will improve your listening and learn a lot of new vocabulary and expressions while having a good time listening to real stories with English accents from all over the world. Also ideal if you are preparing for an official exam.    Let’s get Into the Story!

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Want to speak English with confidence? It’s more than memorizing a few basic phrases and words. When you want to converse fluently, you’ll need to ditch the vocabulary lists and study with context. Practicing every day and receiving performance marks are crucial parts of the process.

with our pedagogical expertise. When you use our sessions, built on the Dynamic Immersion method, you increase your confidence in speaking and are encouraged to speak in everyday conversations.

It’s Easy to Speak English in ConversationsWhen you start learning English, it’s easy to focus on vocabulary and grammar rules. However, one of the biggest difficulties in English is the number of irregularities in the language. Some words are homophones and these have several meanings. English is also very idiomatic with everyday phrases that influence routine conversation. Explaining the differences between “to”, “too” and “two” can take a whole day. And, without context, English phrases like “just deserts,” “cold shoulder,” “silver lining” and “wild goose chase” can be very confusing-even for serious language learners.

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Win conjugation

The English on Wheels course was created especially for you. It is your best option to study English without the help of a teacher. You, as a student, will be able to follow the method effortlessly and with immediate results.

“After having lived the time required to apply for citizenship in this country, I decided to do it. I went to ask for the corresponding forms and since everything was in English, I was afraid. However, I started studying with English On Wheels while I went to work and then I was able to pass the exam.”

The English on Wheels English course was created especially for you. It is your best option to study English without the help of a teacher. You, as a student, will be able to follow the method effortlessly and with immediate results.

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The project is simple. That you learn to speak, read and write English with our course. Our study system is divided into 150 chapters, in 163 hours of stereo and digital recording. All the chapters have the same outline and in a couple of hours, you will know perfectly the way you should study to get a better and faster understanding.

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