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Cristo Es La Peña De Horeb – Steve Green – En Vivo

Al principio de los tiempos, cuando Dios estaba repartiendo tierras a los pueblos de la Tierra, todos hacían cola obedientemente, sólo los georgianos estaban bebiendo y cantando detrás de las montañas. Cuando finalmente llegaron, Dios los rechazó, diciendo que no quedaba tierra para los rezagados. Ellos, sin embargo, insistieron en que sólo habían bebido a su salud, y le movieron a la misericordia con sus canciones, así que finalmente Dios dijo: ¿Sabéis qué? Os doy ese trocito de tierra, que he estado guardando para mí.

Nos alojaremos en Kutaisi y Tiflis en hoteles de cuatro y tres estrellas, y en la Mestia de Svanetia en una casa de huéspedes familiar. Desde Kutaisi viajaremos por el país en un minibús para 18 personas. La cuota de participación es de 520 euros, que incluyen el autobús, el guía y el alojamiento (una cama en una habitación doble) con desayuno, y en Kutaisi y Mestia también la cena casera georgiana. A esto hay que añadir el coste del billete de avión, que ahora sólo cuesta 70 euros de Budapest a Kutaisi y vuelta, por lo que merece la pena comprarlo rápidamente. El primer plazo de solicitud, “sin responsabilidad”, para ver cuántos somos, es el 1 de marzo, domingo, en la dirección de correo electrónico habitual wang@studiolum.com. Como ya hay tanta gente interesada en el tour que casi llenan un minibús, así que si seremos demasiados, organizaré dos turnos, el segundo del 1 al 9 de mayo. Así que si esta fecha es finalmente mejor para ti, escríbelo también.

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Exquisite presence (Fernel Monroy Lyrics)

I think it was in 1987 when I discovered Suzanne Vega while listening to the radio at home, when I was working in Barcelona. I remember that it was a magnificent song from her first album, the LP “Suzanne Vega” (1985), that caught my attention causing me a great impact. The song was called “Straight Lines”. The next day I went to a record store (I guess the mythical Discos Castelló in Tallers street) to buy the LP in which “Straight Lines” was included.

I was lucky enough to see her once in Bergen, Norway, as she was opening for the Dylan concert I attended there in 2011. She was brilliant. Of course she did “Gypsy”, in a moving performance. A very worthy opening act for the old troubadour who gave a splendid concert in which the sun eventually lit up the stage before dusk to sink beyond the horizon after a rainy afternoon.

I think it was in 1987 that I first discovered Suzanne Vega while listening to the radio at home, as I was working in Barcelona. I remember it was a great song from her first album, “Suzanne Vega” (1985) LP, that called my attention and made such a huge impact on me. The song was called “Straight Lines. Next day I went to a vinyl records store (I guess the mythical Castello Records on Tallers Street) to buy the LP where “Straight Lines” was included.

La Samaritana – The Voices of Christ

To record the four extended songs on ‘ACHERON,’ the band traveled three hours east from Rochester to Howe Caverns in New York, recording with trusted engineer Grant Husselman and cameraman Adam Antalek, who worked on their quarantine sessions in early 2020, to document a day. Long live session in a cave.  In the cave.  “Underground” in the most literal sense.  It is fitting that Acheron was recorded near water.  A flowing current is audible at various points throughout the album, including at the beginning of the opening title track.

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Scott’s millimetric drums, open ‘Zephyr’. Here Sean’s shoegaze arts of seduction and a groovy kraut are shaping the song. Spellbinding, its sweet chords describe a flowery environment full of magic. Slowly imbuing the track with intensity, it takes on monumental overtones with hazy psycho-progressive passages. Enveloping it in a spacey atmosphere, the floating melodies take us into heavier, more turbulent territory. Stunning riffs rumble here, showing that KING BUFFALO also knows how to be a heavy band. I don’t want to imagine what this might have sounded like in that magical cave when they made the recording. By unblocking the guitar sound they achieve a sound that envelops the listener in a sea of psychotropic substances without giving up the strong rhythm.    The synthesizers are in charge of lowering the energy to bring us back to that cosmic space in which the sounds gravitate placidly. A sensation that they once again transmit to the listener with great mastery.

How to play “River flows in you” by Yiruma on piano (tutorial)

In 1983 the announcer Cheno Apuril, Koko Orem and friends from the media (discotheques, record stores and equipment) organized the Rock Video Festival at the legendary Coca Cola Plant 1. With a format that included projection, a novelty at the time, of great bands of the world scene, the following were presented: Chester Swann and Cachorrock Sanabria (Parehára), Nash, Onda Corta, Campanellas de René Ayala (world music), Oboe, Buffalos, Nash.

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In this decade, rock begins to assert itself. More groups appear, increasing the variety of musical styles, such as Cash al Contado, The Deeks (blues), Nube Pasajera and Onda Corta. Heavy metal makes an irruption in the Guarani land with this tripod: Nash, Metal Urbano and Rawhide. Rawhide (1985-1991), cultivated thrash metal, which is striking, considering that normally, in other countries bands were appearing and evolving slowly from hard rock to other genres.

1990: Andy del Puerto (announcer, producer) organized the contest “La Bengala perdida” (in allusion to a Spinetta’s song) that sought to stimulate the creators and interpreters of the increasingly consolidated Paraguayan rock scene. The nominees, among other categories, are bands or soloists such as: Alcy Rock, Autostop, Cash, Cora, Cortocircuito, Rawhide, Síntesis, 1+1 (Willy Suchar and Luis D’Agostino), Vértigos (by Marco Todisco, a.k.a. Charlie Nutella).

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