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Each of the 144 didactic units of the App are based on short films called ABA Films. Each lesson begins with the viewing of a film that relates real-life situations in England or the United States, films shot in London and New York in cinema quality.

The exercises of each unit revolve around the ABA Film: practicing with the dialogues, learning to pronounce and write, interpreting the characters of the script, dubbing the dialogues and intoning in English like native speakers. The student’s sensation is that of living an authentic real-life experience, enhanced thanks to the use of an everyday tool such as a cell phone or tablet.

An app from which one progresses with English without realizing it, since being an entertaining learning process the subconscious gradually incorporates new vocabulary and expressions. Grammar, necessary to consolidate knowledge, is also covered in audiovisual format at the end of the unit, along with practical exercises.

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When we start learning a second language, it often seems to us that it will be a difficult process. This is because there are many new structures and vocabulary that we must learn and that are also very different from our mother tongue.

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However, this learning process is usually easier than we think, we just have to study in the right way and put aside all those barriers that we ourselves create and that delay our progress.

In order for you to successfully master English and not get stuck in your learning process, we have made a list of things you should avoid when studying and putting into practice your knowledge of the language.

It is normal that at the beginning you pronounce or write some words incorrectly, but the idea is that you can learn from these mistakes, know what your weaknesses are and dedicate a little more time to improve them.

So, instead of worrying about how people will react to your attempt to speak English or develop another language skill, have the confidence to do it and simply learn from any mistakes you make.

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The Practical English Course is now available on our website!!! In this course we go deep into the grammar topics, and include practice sections and evaluations among many other things! The 200+ page book is available in PDF format and includes sound files of the entire book in MP3 format! Click here for more information!!!

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It is not enough to learn grammar and memorize verb conjugations. Practice your new language as often as you can. Use a variety of resources to make it more fun; for example: books, magazines, movies, TV shows, etc. Staying motivated is a big part of learning a language, and if it is fun, you will always want to learn more.

Other important resources for learning English are websites like this one, as well as books, cassettes, cd’s, etc. But if you are really determined to become fluent, you are going to need to interact with someone. If you can’t afford a teacher, find a good friend or neighbor who speaks English as a first language and can correct you. Being corrected can be frustrating, but it will help you improve far more than any book or movie.

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Yes, audiobooks and eBooks can be downloaded to your computer, tablet or cell phone. Downloaded materials are automatically deactivated after the loan period so there are no penalties.

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Our Talk Time program is for practicing and conversing in with others and with the help of English-speaking volunteers.  Talk Time is free and available to any adult who wants to practice English. No registration is required and you can attend all or just some of the Talk Time sessions. Each session has a different conversation topic. In order for participants to benefit from the Talk Time program, they must already speak some English.

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