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Gran aplicación, solo hay que poner un poco de voluntad y disciplina, aprovechar al máximo los recursos y herramientas que brinda este curso, lo mejor es que es autodidacta y sin hormiga En realidad sobran las palabras para describir las bondades de este curso, ya que es posible hacerlo desde múltiples plataformas, con solo una conexión a internet… Con eso basta… De verdad te recomiendo que te encante el curso, que le pongas la disciplina y la dedicación que te permita mejorar tu nivel de inglés. Garantizado. Adiós

Llevo bastante tiempo aprendiendo y practicando inglés con esta aplicación y ahora puedo comunicarme con hablantes nativos con bastante seguridad. Muchas gracias… Puedes mejorar todas tus habilidades en inglés con la ayuda de esta aplicación. Es la solución óptima a tus problemas…

Interfaz fácil de usar, todas las lecciones están bien organizadas para que sea más fácil para mí recordar los nuevos conocimientos. Estoy totalmente satisfecho!.Esta aplicación realmente ayuda a mover mi capacidad de Inglés a un nivel superior tan rápidamente. Es increíble!.

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Want to speak English with confidence? It’s more than memorizing a few basic phrases and words. When you want to converse fluently, you’ll need to ditch the vocabulary lists and study with context. Practicing every day and receiving performance marks are crucial parts of the process.

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with our pedagogical expertise. When you use our sessions, built on the Dynamic Immersion method, you increase your confidence in speaking and are encouraged to speak in everyday conversations.

It’s Easy to Speak English in ConversationsWhen you start learning English, it’s easy to focus on vocabulary and grammar rules. However, one of the biggest difficulties in English is the number of irregularities in the language. Some words are homophones and these have several meanings. English is also very idiomatic with everyday phrases that influence routine conversation. Explaining the differences between “to”, “too” and “two” can take a whole day. And, without context, English phrases like “just deserts,” “cold shoulder,” “silver lining” and “wild goose chase” can be very confusing-even for serious language learners.

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How to overcome the fear of speaking English.      If you are learning English, you know very well that we cannot master English without speaking it. However, speaking English with other people, especially native speakers, can make us nervous. We worry about ‘making a fool of ourselves’, we’re afraid we won’t understand what we’re being told, we’re afraid we’ll mess up. And that’s a shame, because just because of these kinds of worries, we don’t feel comfortable to speak English freely. And while this apprehension may never go away completely, there are methods to help you overcome your fears and start speaking!

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It’s important to know what exactly scares you. Take some time and really analyze what it is that scares you about the idea of speaking English. The source of anxiety varies from person to person; while the idea of not being understood might be the scariest for you, for someone else it might be making too many mistakes. Once you identify what scares you the most, you can focus your attention on resolving the source of your anxiety.

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Speaking English is no longer a luxury, neither is it an extra knowledge that we can do without; nowadays, learning to speak English is already part of the skills that we must have, either for professional development, cultural or leisure purposes; globalization and technological advances push us and require us to be able to communicate in different languages and the first one on the list is English.

To choose the best course to learn to speak English, you must first consider your needs: Do you have time to travel to a school? Can you complete your homework and prepare for exams? Are you ready to cover the increased costs of each level up to the advanced level?

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The vast majority of people drop out of English classes due to lack of time, motivation, and for economic reasons because when you enroll in these courses they give you the initial cost, but they don’t explain that you will have to buy books for each level and that as you progress through the program the costs will increase.

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